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Recently, a heartfelt essay written by a 10-year-old kid has melted netizens’ hearts after it went viral on social media.

The boy, named Xiao Rong, is currently studying in Standard 4 at a school in Hunan Province, China. And he was frustrated because his father kept playing with his phone and paid no attention to him.

Despite his young age, Xiao Rong is a very understanding child. All he ever wanted was his father’s love and attention because he knew that working as a construction worker with minimal wages, his father couldn’t afford much luxury to him.

According to China Press, every day, he would finish his homework after school so that his father could watch television and play games with him after coming back from work. But that didn’t happen because all his father did was play with the phone.

“Every time I asked my father to play with me outside, he would say, ‘go away, don’t disturb me’,” Xiao Rong said.

Desperate for his father’s attention, he wrote an essay specifically for his father during a test in the school. The title was ‘Father, I wanted to tell you…”.

The short essay sounded like this:

“Dad, I wanted to tell you: ‘please play with me for a while’.

“Every Saturday and Sunday, all you do is play with your phone and watch television. You never spend time with me.

“When I see others playing with their father, I envy them so much. Looking at you playing with your phone all day, [I wanted to ask you,] don’t you care about your son?

“I remembered once while others went outside to play with their father, you asked me to read more books. Dad, I’m turning into a bookworm soon!

“I’m very angry. You’re not my father anymore, you’ve become the father of your phone.”

After the essay came into light, Xiao Rong’s father said that he used to bring him out to play. But now he’s busy with work and hardly have time left for his son. But you got time to play with your phone wor… how ar? 

However, he did say:

“I will try my best to get rid of this habit, give me some time, son.”

Let’s hope that the father is a man of his word and actually put down his phone to play with Xiao Rong. He is such a good kid and deserves a happy childhood with his father.

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Get the latest viral stories daily! Like us:
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