Prabhu Dayal Public School Holidays Homework Of Class

Prabhu Dayal Public School was founded in the 1959 by Shri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia. The school was then known as Roop Nagar Public School. In September 1986, the school was given its present name as a tribute to the memory of its founder, the late Shri Prabhu Dayal Bhatia (1906–1986).

The school is now run under the guidance of Ms. Bimla Bhatia, daughter of Sh. Prabhu Dayal Bhatia. Prabhu Dayal is located at AE Block, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110088. The school's motto is "Trust Thyself".

Managing Committee[edit]

  • Chairman: Dr. V.K.Tyagi
  • Manager: Ms. Bimla Bhatia


Prabhu Dayal Public School has been a senior secondary co-ed school since 1959. It has three campuses namely Nursery Wing, Junior Wing and Senior Wing. Mrs. Vishnoi is I/c of Nur Wing while Mrs. James is Headmistress to look after the Junior Wing. Mr. AK Sharma is Head of the institution.

Alumni group[edit]

The alumni group have a public website, which contains contact information for the group and for their other websites.


The school is involved with SOS Children's Villages of India[1] in their Young Ambassador Programme.

Coordinates: 28°42′33″N77°09′54″E / 28.7093°N 77.1650°E / 28.7093; 77.1650

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