Bell Hooks Essay Seeing And Making Culture Representing

Bell Hooks- Seeing and Making Culture: Representing the poor. (NOTES)Cultural Critics don’t like to talk about the poor. oPoverty or PoorUnderclass or economically disenfranchised“Segregated world of our small Kentucky town, we were all raised to think in terms of the haves and the have-nots, rather than in terms of class.” (Hooks, p1, 483) oExistence of FOUR groups:The Poor: who were destituteThe Working: were poor because they made just enough to make ends meet.Those who Worked: had extra money.The RichWater was LUXURY. (p1) When she went to STANFORD UNIVERSITYoShe was unable to come home during breaksSo she began to relate to the cleaning staff as “Their world was my world”(Hooks, p2, 484)Poverty was no disgrace in our household.oSocialized early on by parents and grandparents to assume that nobody’s value could be measured by material standards.

...needing is like no other. To some patients, they view their providers, as a figure with a schedule sitting on their desk. Day in and day out the providers have their day scheduled for them and one by one, until the day is done, they battle diseases, attempt to cure the dying and find time to research new treatments. This often leaves them very little time in life to really look at a larger picture. This picture encompasses their patient’s outside of their illnesses and disease, to see them as a person, experience what they are feeling and seeing. An act of looking is physical, but an act of seeing is a deeper level that requires respect and commitment by a person. Although one looks with their eyes, one can also look with vocal, auditory and tactile means. This looking is known as seeing. Seeing what others are feeling, with your ears, hands, and words. A doctor-patient, nurse-patient relationship is one that is centered upon seeing, and will ultimately lead to an ideal relationship that will facilitate high quality care that consists of accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatments, and prevention of diseases. All doctors and nurses need to see, not just look. They must be able to place themselves in the moment and future of their patients’ lives. They must be able to close their eyes, be outside of themselves and see within another. Often times, when patients are diagnosed with illnesses,...

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