A Rebel Without A Cause Essay Samples

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    What's the purpose of both Judy and Jim wearing red coats/jackets in the film?

    We first see Judy in a red coat in the film and then later Jim dawns the now famous red jacket. The symbolism in the color is that there is love between the two characters. The red jackets also subliminally connect the two characters to symbolize to the audience that there is much more going on between them than the surface may tell.

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    What is one meaning behind the young boy being named Plato?

    Plato is the name of the ancient Greek philosopher. Thus, giving this name to a young high school boy becomes significant. The significance is in the fact that Plato was one of the world's great philosophers who founded the Academy in Athens, the first school of higher learning in the Western World. Thus, Plato from this film has the potential to have a huge call on his life. A purpose to teach and heal people through philosophy, but that calling is cut short. Thus when he dies, what dies with him are all of his dreams and hopes of being a great man and doing good in the world.

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    Why does it bother Jim so deeply that his father is cleaning up after his mother?

    Jim is enraged by his father's behavior towards his mother because he believes that he is diminishing himself as a man by being subservient to her. He doesn't question her actions or attempt to help her get out of her current state. Instead, he chooses to contribute to her behavior by allowing it to continue. Jim sees this and hates it for the sake of his father being able to be fully alive and possibly sees a fate for himself that he cannot bare to witness day in and day out as it causes rage and fear within him.

  • Each day, someone loses his or her innocence due to a seminal moment that changes his or her life forever. This concept of lost innocence is represented in both the novel The Catcher in the Rye and the film Rebel Without a Cause. Protagonists Holden Caulfield and Jim Stark strive to preserve the innocence of others in order to protect them from the turmoil they see every day in the real world. Similarly, both highly developed characters take on the role of protecting someone they care for immensely.

    In Rebel Without a Cause, Jim befriends a boy named Plato who has trouble fitting in with the other teenagers at their school. When the two friends and Judy go to an abandoned mansion late at night, Plato opens up and shares his belief that his parents have completely cast him aside. It is apparent to Jim that his friend is beginning to see the true colors of the world, so he steps in to try to preserve his friend’s innocence as long as he can. He and Judy pretend to be a couple who are looking at the mansion in hopes of a new home for them and their kids. Plato starts off by pretending to be the real estate broker, but quickly switches to portraying their son when Jim starts acting as a parental figure to him. By acting like a...

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